The desk – Making of

Table & Chairs


My work was inspired from a Cecilie Manz photography untitled : Essay

This Making of is quite simple and covers every step in the process (modeling, lighting, materials, rendering and post-production.)


Modelling part is easy…no professional stuff to do, just basics… and I hope it’ll be useful





To get more details on the box without using ZBrush, I’ve added Tessellate Modifier and use Paint Deformation in the Edit Poly Modifier



The light was basically made using a two V-Ray lights and an HDRI map inserted in the GI Environment (Skylight) and the Reflection/Refraction Environment slots



The materials in the scene are not very complicated and nearly every material consists of a diffuse, a bump and a reflection map.

For the wall and the floor, I’ve use one bitmap to avoid unwanted break between them (according to the photo reference.


Chair shader

Table shader

Lamp shader

For the Painting Frame was opened using Unwrap Modifier

Frame shader


For the rendering step, there is nothing special. I’ve rendered my scene in elements as shown below and used them in Photoshop for the Post Production

Render Elements

Post Production

The post production was quite interesting. We can improve every part of the image and obtain a result much better than 3DS Max rendering


Layer                                           Mode

VRayRawGlobalIllumination                     Multiply

Diffuse + Raw GI                                          Normal

VrayRawLighting                                         Multiply

Diffuse + RawLight                                     Linear Dodge (Add)

VrayReflection                                             Linear Dodge (Add)

VrayRefraction                                            Linear Dodge (Add)

VraySpecular                                               Linear Dodge (Add)

VrayShadows                                              Substract


Here is a comparaison


I hope you had fun while reading the text and looking at the pictures


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